Major change in wind direction brings wind chill

Wednesday arrived with the mild air still in evidence in the morning producing a maximum of 11.7C at 11.14, which was 3.7C above the 36-year average. However, from that time the thermometer edged downwards as the wind slowly began to change direction into the southeast and east but an abrupt change, logged at 21.00, saw the wind back into the north. The wind then gained in strength resulting in windchill that meant it felt at least 2C colder with a maximum gist of 30mph. The thermometer then fell more rapidly producing a minimum of 2.0C at 07.56 on Friday as the warm, moist air was replaced by drier and colder air.

Rain fell on several occasions but quite heavy for a time at 20.35 producing another 8.6mm of rainfall, which took the monthly total to 88.5mm, just 3.3mm below the 36-year average. Fortunately we were just to the south of the intense rain band that slowly circuited to the north and west of this area.

What a welcome sight at dawn to see blue sky and just a small band of cloud on the eastern horizon. The wind from the north was still brisk, gusting to 15mph, that meant the thermometer reading of 2.0C at 08.00 felt more like -0.3C due to wind chill. The drier and colder air is now firmly in control for the next day or two.