Less cold – but only a little!

Saturday brought us wall to wall sunshine totalling 10.6 hours that in the less brisk northeast cool airstream, lifted the thermometer to a maximum of 13.7C. This peak was 3C up on the Friday high but still 0.6C below average.

We have now had enjoyed 14 days without rain. However, after two below average rainfall months of February and April the ground is looking a little dry. Evaporation from ground sources and plant life on Saturday reached 3.1mm with the total loss of equivalent rainfall for April now 31.2mm against the limited rainfall of just 7.4mm. Currently there is no rain I. the forecast for the week ahead.

Overnight the thermometer fell away to a minimum of -1.7C, which was 2C less severe than previous nights but still 5.8C below the 37-year average.

Sunday started sunny but a band of cloud obscured the sun just before 07.30 that limited the temperature recovery to a reading of 1.1C at 08.00. However just after 08.00 the cloud bank eased away and as the sun rose higher, it became stronger again.