Is this going to be a record dry November?

Tuesday was the eleventh consecutive dry day this month when November is one of the wettest months in the year. The rainfall to date stands at just 8.9mm when the 37-year average is 91.7mm. The record for this station was set in 1990 with 27.8mm and we are far below that low total with only a week to go. The equivalent rainfall of 9.9mm has been lost through evaporation from ground sources and plant life exceeding the monthly rainfall.

Tuesday was another calm day with misty conditions and light winds after the frost had cleared, a peak gust of just 13mph was recorded.

Cloud cover meant the past night did not produce a frost as the thermometer did not drop below 5.8C being 2C above average.

The diurnal temperature range was exceptionally low with a variation of just 2C between maximum day and minimum night.

Wednesday after dawn revealed another cloudy start to the day with the anemometers stationary again for several hours. The barometric pressure has been slowly falling as the centre of the anticyclone eases westwards over the Atlantic, this will change the air movement today and be more likely to have a more westerly component than recent days.