Hotter again!

During the 12 hours of strong sunshine on Saturday, the sunniest day since 23rd June, the thermometer rose to 28.1C. This high was 5.4C above the 37-year average and the hottest day since 12th August 2020 (34.1C). Not surprisingly the UV level rose to Very High again for three hours around midday.

As the centre of the high pressure moved very little in the past twenty-four hours, centred just off the Irish west coast, the light breeze with a peak gust of 12mph, continued to come from the northeast.

We experienced a slightly cooler night than the previous night, but still very warm, with a minimum of 12.5C, which was 0.7C above the average.

Sunday saw the welcome sight of strong sunshine as the sun rose above the horizon that lifted the temperature to 21.8C at 08.00, the warmest start to a day at that time since 12th August 2020. The barometric pressure has varied little over the past twenty-four hours with a reading of 1026.9mb at 08.00.

The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm read 22.3C at 08.00 as there is minimal loss to the atmosphere due to high day and night time temperatures.

We have now enjoyed four consecutive dry days with the daily evaporation now the equivalent of over 4mm of rainfall.

Update at 18.40: peak temperature of 31.7C at 16.22. Hottest day since 12th August 2020.