Hot sun and Very High UV return on Saturday

Under the influence of the anticyclone, centred over the south western approaches, Saturday was a superb day. We enjoyed 11.5 hours of strong sunshine with the UV level rated at ‘Very High’ from 11.30 to 14.30.

It was the fourth dry this month. The rate of evaporation is increasing again with the equivalent of 4mm of rainfall lost to the atmosphere on Saturday. The rainfall total of 15.6mm has been overtaken by the total evaporation in July of 28mm.

Even though we had much sunshine the air flow from the north west, brought on light winds gusting to only 14mph, pegged back the peak temperatures to 20.7C being 2.1C below average but 2.4C up on the Friday peak.

Overnight under the clear skies, the thermometer fell away to a minimum of 5.9C, which was 6C below the 36-year average but almost exactly the same as the previous night’s minimum.

Sunday arrived with sunshine after dawn but dimmed occasionally through light thin cloud and more aircraft condensation trails that have been evidentin previous months.