Highest daily solar energy in April on Sunday

Sunday saw the sun return with a total 10.45 hours that lifted the temperature to a maximum of 16.1C in the late afternoon at 16.50. After two days with below average maxima this was 2C above the 36-year average and 6C above the cold Saturday peak.

A return to a dry day after the downpours on Saturday and daily evaporation equivalent to 3.7m of rainfall.

It was a cool night as the thermometer steadily fell away to a minimum of 4.4C at 04.30 on Monday morning being just above average.

Monday morning brought us sunshine as soon as the sun crossed the horizon. The brisk, cool north easterly wind prevails but it is a drier air. The high pressure over Scandinavia continues to maintain similar pressure driving the winds from this direction for the past few and next couple of days.