High pressure builds

Although there was more cloud on Thursday the thermometer climbed just above average to reach 22.9C (+0.2C) in the 9.9 hours of sunshine with the UV level again reaching Very High. It was another dry day.

Overnight was chilly. The thermometer dropped away to 8.9C being 2.9C below average that produced radiation fog on Friday morning that just after dawn limited visibility to 200m.

Friday at dawn saw the sun struggling to pierce the thick radiation fog but at 0700 the visibility had improved to 500m and by 0800 to around 2000m.

The centre of the anticyclone is now just off the southwest tip of Ireland with the high pressure ridging over the UK. This is producing a north to northeast breeze that was still light on Thursday with a peak gust of 13mph at ground level and a current reading today of 1027.5mb at 0800. This is the highest barometric pressure since 13th June.