First dry day since mid-October

Under the influence of th intense high pressure in the north Atlantic, to the south west of the UK, Monday was fine and dry with 4.5 hours of sunshine. The air, moving in a clockwise direction around the anticyclone meant the wind had veered further into the west-northwest then northwest, which was a cooler direction but a much clearer air that limited the thermometer rise to 9.9C. However, this was close to the early November average being just 0.1C below.

After fifteen consecutive days with rainfall it was the first dry day since 18th October.

The clear sky overnight meant the thermometer dropped steadily to reach a minimum of -1.7C, which was 2C below average and producing a hard air frost.

The sun was visible as it rose above the horizon on Tuesday but fog in the Kennet valley limited its strength initially as the fog drifted westwards across parts the Marlborough Downs. But by 08.00 the fog had cleared completely allowing the full strength of the sun, at this time of year, to begin lifting the temperature.