Exceptional warmth prevails for another day

The south to southwest breeze, that was strong with a maximum gust of 37mph, continued to bring the mild moist air on Monday. The light rain and drizzle persisted all day adding another 7.4mm to the monthly total that now stands at 77.4mm (average is 91.8mm).

The thermometer climbed to a maximum of 12.9C at 13.35, which was 4.9C above the 36-year average, and stayed around the figure until just after midnight when it slowly dropped to 9.1C at 07.55 on Tuesday. The minimum temperature was 6.8C above the average.

Tuesday dawned with total cloud cover but much higher and lighter than on Monday but thankfully dry. The anemometers were completely still for several hours until midmorning when there was an occasional movement, but only just.