Even warmer on Wednesday

The thermometer over the past five days has slowly been creeping upwards with a maximum of 20.2C on Wednesday being 6.1C above average. The wind, although lighter, still came from the north east. The maximum gust of 21mph was 10 mph below the Tuesday peak.

Over the past three days the 10 minute average wind speed has been 7.8mph, 7.1mph and 5.0mph respectively. The barometric pressure is still high but the depression over the continent is weakening so the isobars are widening as the pressure gradient reduces, as a result the wind strength with be much lower on Thursday.

The overnight minima had been very similar over the past three nights with 6.1C, 5.6C, and 5.7C respectively. The wind has moderated considerably during recent night time periods but has kept the air moving thus preventing a possible frost. Thankfully there have been no frosts this past week as the apple blossom has been developing well.

Thursday was a repeat beginning to the day with sunshine after dawn, if a little weak initially, due to thin high cloud on the eastern horizon.