Enjoy the sunshine to day as the weather then goes down hill again!

Every day this month, bar the 7th, saw a maximum above my 40-year average and Sunday was no exception with a peak of 10.6C being +2.5C. The minima overnight have exactly the same record in February as only the 1st was below average, last night the minimum of 2.3C at 07.10 on Monday was + 0.6C.

The UV level of 1.1 was in the Low category. Minimal rainfall of 1.7mm fell in short showers late afternoon and between 05,00 and 06.16 early Monday. That additional rainfall took the monthly total to 59.4mm, being 6.3mm below my 40-year average.

Monday at dawn revealed extensive blue sky with just a band of cloud on the eastern horizon, fast departing, that had brought the rain in the early hours. The barometric pressure has risen a significant 15mb since Sunday at 08.00, which will give us a much better day. The sunshine is likely to last for much of the day giving us the sunniest day this week. Depressions will leave us alone today but more are heading our way later in the week.