Dry and warm again on Monday

After a cloudy start to Monday the sun came out later in the morning and pushed the thermometer to 18.1C, still 2.1C below the average.

The wind was very light during the past twenty-four hours with a maximum gust of just 8mph and many times very still. Equal to the calmest day on 28th January. What movement there was came from the northeast for most of the day but veered into the south early evening. The UV level rose to 7.7, which was in the Very High category and the highest this year, but we are near midsummer.

The past night was cool with the thermometer dropping to 6.1C, which was 4C below the average under clear skies.

Radiation fog formed in the River Og valley in the very early hours of Tuesday but sunshine from dawn saw that evaporate very quickly and lifted the thermometer to 16.6C at 08.00