Dreary, misty day on Wednesday

The low, cloud with intermittent very light drizzle continued for most of Wednesday, just a little brightness late afternoon.

The southwesterly breeze was stronger with a peak gust of 24mph, that combined with no sunshine meant a cooler day than of late with a maximum of 14.8C, which just above average.

During the evening the thermometer was steady at 13.8C and then rose to 14.2C at 2200 for an hour before slowly falling to 12.9C at 07.05 on Thursday. The low was a significant 5.8C above the 37-year average. The diurnal temperature was just 1.9C, the variation between the high and low.

Thursday broke with the total cloud cover still in existence but the lack of precipitation overnight, combined with a brisk wind, then from the south, meant surfaces had begun to dry.