Wednesday was the coolest day this month

Thanks to a brisk northeasterly breeze on Wednesday and a predominantly cloudy sky, the thermometer only rose to 20.8C. This was the coolest day since 27th July (20.6) and the first below average maximum this month (-0.3C). It was the breeziest day in August with a peak gust of 20mph.

The dry weather returned with the UV level of 5.0 just in the High category.

The past night was mild due to the blanket of cloud providing a duvet to minimise heat loss into the atmosphere as a result a minimum of 15.8C was 4.1C above the average.

Thursday arrived with no sun in evidence but low cloud draping the Marlborough Downs and Savernake Forest limiting visibility to 400m initially, that by 08.00 had thinned a little.

It is interesting to analyse the diurnal range of temperatures this month with which the human frame has had to adjust, day by day. The temperature variation between day and night on the 10th was 21.2C (30.6C and 9.4C) whereas by contrast the past 24-hours produced a very small range of just 5.0C (20.8C and 15.8C).