Cool with wind chill on Sunday

The full effect of the passage of the cold front was felt on Sunday as the thermometer did not use above 7.1C. This was 3C below the 37-year agree, the coldest day in November and the first below average maximum since the 5th. The brisk wind from the north produced a wind chill so that the air temperature of 6.1C mid-morning felt more like 4C.

It was a dry day, the ninth consecutive dry day. The evaporation from ground sources and plant life now is the equivalent rainfall of 9.3mm whilst the monthly rainfall total is 8.9mm

Overnight the thermometer steadily fell away to reach a minimum of 0.2C just before dawn, which was 3.6C below average. This low temperature saw a ground frost form.

Monday arrived with clear blue skies and sunshine as soon as the sun rose above the horizon with the ground sparkling from a ground frost but not quite an air frost.

The centre of the anticyclone is just to the west of Ireland. Due to its closeness the barometric pressure has been rising for the past day with a current reading at 08.00 of 1031.7mb. As a result of the high-pressure relocating the wind has now veered into the northeast but much lighter.