Cool northerly breeze drops temperature

For the first time this month both the maximum of 17.5C and the minimum of 7.1C were below average with -1.4C and -2.3C respectively. The low occurred at 01.18 early Friday and thereafter rose a little.

It was the eighth dry day this month with the UV level just rising into the ‘High’ category.

Clearing skies gave us the very cool night but by 08.00 the sun had been shining quite strongly shortly since dawn and lifted the thermometer to 9.2C.

The low pressure to the east over Finland and the high just off the northwest coast of Scotland will continue to bring a stream of cool air from the north or northnorth-west. The high has edged closer with a reading of 1018.2mb at 08.00, up 5mb since this time on Thursday.

The ground temperature at a depth of 5cm read 10.0C at 08.00. This was the lowest ground temperature at that depth and time since 30th April (7.1C).