Cool, cloudy and dreary on Sunday

No sun and very cool by day on Sunday due to total cloud cover and the breeze brisk from the Northeast. The thermometer struggled to reach 14.0C being 6.2C below the average and the coolest day since 1st May (11.7C).

A wide rain band, 50 miles from north to south, approached from the south during the late afternoon with rain observed beginning to fall at 18.35. There was a slight pause just before 23.00 but more in the early morning. The daily rainfall total of 8.7mm was the heaviest daily total since 18th May and brought the monthly total to 11.5mm when the average is 54.2mm.

Due to the thick cloud cover the thermometer did not drop below 11.1C, which was 1C above the average.

Monday arrived with low cloud covering the Marlborough Downs and Savernake Forest giving very misty conditions, however, it began to lift slowly after 07.30.

The wind has veered from the northeast, where it came from for much of Sunday, through South to Northwest on Monday, and very light.