Cool by day and night thanks to wind change

What a difference a change in the wind direction makes as the high pressure exerted itself. The wind, from the previous night, had veered into the nor nor west, a much cooler direction. As a result daytime temperatures were depressed with a maximum of 18.3C, being 4.5C below average. It was a totally dry day, welcome after the previous damp days.

Overnight under clear skies, the thermometer fell rapidly to a minimum of 5.8C at 05.31 on Saturday, which was 6.1C below the 36-year average. That was 6C below the previous night’s minimum.

Saturday dawned with glorious sunshine in a clear blue sky that boosted the temperature to 13.9C at 08.00. The barometric pressure has been rising steadily with a current reading of 1026.5mb, being the highest since the end of May.