Cool by day and night

Wednesday was another gloomy day without sunshine nor a vestige of UV light. The wind was almost stagnant for much of the day with a little movement late evening. The thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of 6.9C being 1.1C below average.

The thermometer fell away during the evening to reach a low of 2.2C just before midnight but encroaching cloud, ahead of another weather front then began to lift the temperature to reach 4.7C at 08.00 on Thursday.

The approaching warm front triggered the rain gauge at 04.45 amounting to 2.3mm by 08.00.

The barometric pressure has been dropping dramatically since midnight with a current reading at 08.00 of 994.8mb, a significant drop of 26mb in twenty-four hours. The projected jet stream indicates that an area of low pressure has developed over the UK and is likely to be with us for several days, circulating anticlockwise over the country.