Circled by five depressions

The very light breeze on Saturday, maximum gust of just 12 mph , meant a cooler day with the air stream coming principally from the southeast during daylight hours. A peak temperature of 10.4C was 2.3C above my 40-year average whilst a low of 6.3C at 06.22 on Sunday was 4.6C above my 40-year average.

The UV level rose to a value of 1.1, the highest since 4th November.

The wind during the evening and overnight veered from the southeast into the northeast and now northwest, later on Sunday it will come from the west. This is due to the recent low pressure system travelling along the English Channel and into the North Sea, it is just one of five depressions surrounding the UK.

Sunday dawned dull with total cloud cover and calm conditions. The barometric pressure is very slowly recovering as the depression moves away with a reading of 989.0mb at 08.00, up 14mb since Friday.