Barometric pressure intensifies

Wednesday saw more cloud bubbling up with reduced sunshine, just under 6 hours, that combined with the northeasterly breeze meant a cooler day than on Tuesday. The thermometer slowly rose to a peak of 12.8C at 14.12.

During the evening the thermometer slowly fell away but by 23.00 had fallen no lower than 4.7C. However, later in the night, as the light breeze dropped out, a hard frost occurred with a minimum of -2.9C at 06.06 on Thursday.

Thursday began with bright sunshine after dawn in clear skies with the thermometer recovering to 3.2C at 08.00. At that time the barometric pressure, still centred over the UK, read 1034.4mb, which is the highest pressure for over a month.

By the end of today we will be half way through the month, which so far has been very dry with little forecast over the next few days under the influence of the anticyclone. The precipitation to date is just 7.4mm against the 37-year average of 58.5mm.