Back to dull, gloomy weather again after one sunny day!

Monday was a glorious day with almost wall to wall sunshine that lifted the thermometer to 9.5C being 1.4C above my 40-year average. However, the modest breeze with a peak of 14mph from the west, meant it was the coolest day for a week. No rain fell. The temperature fell steadily overnight to reach a low of 3.1C at 03.19 early on Tuesday. After that time cloud ahead of the next weather front meant the temperature recovered a little to read 5.6C at 08.00 on Tuesday.

Tuesday revealed a very dull and gloomy start to the day under continuous cloud cover. A warm front will pass our way during daylight hours, which will thicken the cloud thus blocking any possibility of sunshine. However, the warm front will as it states, bring warmer, if moist weather again, from around the Azores area, with the wind having backed into the south for much of the day.