Azores plume continues

The plume of air from mid-Atlantic, around the Azores and North Africa, continued to raise the temperature on Thursday to a maximum of 13.8C at 11.54, almost identical to the data on Wednesday. This peak was 5.8C above the average.

Overnight cloud from a weather front that passed over the area in the early hours meant a very mild night with the thermometer not sinking below 11.9C, which was 9.6C above the average. Rain from the cold front amounted to 6.3mm brining the monthly total to 72.4mm, still 20mm below the 37-year average.

The diurnal temperature range was minimal between day and night with a variation of just 1.9C.

Friday dawned with the back edge of the weather front slowly clearing to the east, however the cloud was higher than previous days with improved visibilty.