April showers but not so scattered on Wednesday!

Wednesday brought frequent showers during daylight hours that reinvigorated after midnight producing 11.6mm of rainfall. That made it the wettest day since 16th March (16.4mm) and brought the monthly total to 26.2mm when the average is 57.7mm.

It was a cool day with the southwesterly wind brisk and moderating temperatures so that the maximum of 12.7C was 1.4C below the average.

The past night was mild, due to the cloud cover, with a minimum of 6.4C being 2.7C above the average.

Thursday dawned with broken cloud and intermittent sunshine as the wind veered a few degrees into the west and strengthened with a peak gust of 30mph at 06.37.

The barometric pressure fell to its lowest for almost a month with a low of 985.3mb at 05.45 Thursday, now beginning to rise again.