Coldest night in October

The barometric pressure stabilised over the past twenty-four hours and continued to bring quiet, autumnal weather. The thermometer edged slightly higher than on recent days but still below average (-2.6C) with a peak of 12.2C, the ninth consecutive day with a below average maximum.

It was another dry day with the air movement from the northeast much calmer producing a peak gust of just 12mph.

The cloud began to thin in the early hours of Sunday holding around 8C for several hours until the thermometer began to drop steadily after 02.00 to reach a minimum of 2.8C at 07.24, which was 4.3C below average and the coldest night since 29th September.

Sunday arrived with brightness in the eastern sky but no sun as a bank of cloud slowly eased eastwards obscuring the sun. The centre of the high pressure is now over central France that as the day progresses will see the persistent northeasterly wind over recent days change in direction to come from the south or southwest