Another very hard frost

After a sunny start cloud drifted across the sky on Friday obscuring the sun that became sunny intervals in the afternoon. As a result of fewer hours of sunshine, 5.1 hours, and the wind still from the north east if not so strong, the thermometer rose slowly to a maximum of 10.6C. This was 3.7C below average and follows the succession of 11 continuous below average maxima.

There followed another very cold night with a minimum of -3.5C that produced a hard frost again.

It is interesting to see how the warmth is easing away over the past three days with maxima of 12.8C, 11.2C and 10.6C respectively with minima of -2.9C, -3,1C and -3.5C. Not surprisingly the soil temperature at a depth of 5cm recording 3.4C, 3.3C and 2.8C today, all read at 08.00. T

Saturday arrived with string sunshine from dawn that lifted the thermometer above freezing at 07.11 and 2.3C at 08.00.