Another air frost – but it is Autumn!

The temperatures by day have been falling since the 1st with a maximum of just 8.4C on Thursday, which was 1.7C below the 37-year average being the coldest day since 7th April, but it is Autumn. It was another dry day, the third consecutive after the very wet October, with 3.5 hours of sunshine.

The thermometer slowly fell during the evening and night to a minimum of -1.0C at 07.15 on Friday morning, however, the temperature did not fall sufficiently to produce an air frost (-0.1C) until 05.00 with a ground frost setting earlier.

Friday arrived with variable high cloud and sunshine. The barometric pressure has been rising for the past three days with a reading at 08.00 of 1027.3mb, the highest pressure since 13th October, thus the dry days with variable sunshine.