Almost calm on Sunday, just 7mph breeze maximum

Sunday was an unusual day as the wind dropped out entirely in the early morning and then, after being from the northeast for four consecutive, days began to come from the south. However, the maximum gust was only 7mph. I had to look back in the records to 31st August (7mph) to find such a calm day.

Sunday was dry with another below average maximum (-2.3C) of 12.3C. The cloud overnight meant a less cold night with a minimum of 7.4C, just above average.

Monday arrived with a little brightness in the eastern sky as the cloud was much thinner than on Sunday. Although at 08.00 the anemometer was stationery, the air mass today is being brought from the Continent so a less cold day and night is likely. This is due to a low pressure system in the eastern Atlantic beginning to approach the country. By 08.30 the sun was beginning to break through, if weakly.