All change on Monday

The peak on Sunday of 33.2C was just below the high on Saturday (33.5C) but still 12.1C above the 38-year average.

Late afternoon, just after 18.00, the wind direction began to veer from the east, where it had been for four days, into the southeast and just before midnight into the southwest as a depression approached the UK.

We have now endured 8 days under heatwave conditions, for Wiltshire the heatwave threshold is three consecutive days with maxima equal to or above 27C.

The loss of equivalent rainfall due to evaporation from the ground and plant life continued to be in excess of 4mm. The statistics are, rainfall nil and evaporation 55mm.

It has been a very warm night with the thermometer not sinking below 14,5C. That low was 2.8C above the average and the warmest night since the 3rd (18.1C)

The start to Monday was so different to the last week or so. There was no blazing sunshine after dawn due to thick cloud on the eastern horizon. However, just after 07.30 there were glimpses of sunshine that an hour later were very muted due to increasing cloud.

The soil temperature at a depth if 5cm read 23.1c at 08.00, the highest this month due to the heat on Sunday and a very warm night.

The wind is due to veer further as the morning progresses to come from the west northwest or northwest as the depression advances. The barometric pressure of 1002.2mb is the lowest this month.