A little more warmth on Saturday before the rain returned overnight

Saturday was a very pleasant day with many hours of sunshine, however late afternoon, just after 16.00, thin cloud began to drift across front the west and obscure the sunshine. As a result the maximum of 20.6C was logged at 15.16 being 3.3C above my 40-year average. Rain from the weather front began to fall just after 23.00 for an hour with more sustained rain in the early hours amounting to 5.3mm. That took the monthly rainfall total to 49.7mm being 82% of the average. The past night was very mild with the thermometer not sinking below 11.2C at 02.16 early Sunday, which was 4.2C above the average.

The start to Sunday revealed a totally cloudy sky but just after 07.00 there were brief glimpses of brightness and just after 08.15 brief bursts of sunshine as the cloud thinned.

Another weather front will be crossing our area as the day progresses so any sunshine will be limited as the cloud will increase again with more rain late morning, early afternoon.

It looks as if low pressure will dominate our weather for the next few days being over or close to the UK until Wednesday at least bringing unsettled weather, with sunshine and showers.