4C below average maximum – that’s not summer!

The cool airstream brought down from the Arctic meant a very cool day on Sunday that saw the thermometer struggle to reach a maximum of just 16.4C at 16.20 being a significant 4.2C below my 40-year average. Thankfully, the past night was not as cold as the previous night (2.7C) but a minimum of 9.2C at 06.46 on Monday was still 1.0C below average. We have now had six consecutive nights with a below average minimum.

Rain began to fall just after 01.00 early Monday that produced a daily total of 3.5mm. The monthly total now stands at 5.3mm when my 40-year average is 53.8mm.

Monday dawned dull under cloud from the back of the weather system that crossed overnight within which was a cold front. Wind gusted to 16mph on Sunday but after dawn on Monday it increased to a peak of 20mph, that produced a wind chill therefore outside it felt at least 2C below that indicated on a thermometer. The depression is still funnelling Arctic air down over the country, from around Greenland, so Monday will be another cool day with the possibility of showers. The barometric pressure at 08.00 read 1010.0mb, the lowest reading this month. The wind will continue from a northerly quarter, principally north-northwest.