22.8C, 23.8C, 27.1C, 29.1C & Tuesday?

Monday saw the thermometer soar to 29.1C at 17.04 being 8.0C above the 38-year average and the hottest day since 19th July (36.7C).

The wind was very light and variable but generally came from the northeast, occasionally backing into the north.

The overnight minima have also seen a daily rise from 5.8C, 8.9C, 9.2C and today at 06.03 only fell to 9.5C as the ground continues to hold more warmth. However, thanks to the air movement from the cooler quarter recently, the minimum was 2.2C below the 38-year average.

The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm, not surprisingly, shows a similar trend of 17.0C, 18.8C, 19.5C and Tuesday read 21.0C at 08.00.

The anticyclone is firmly settled over the UK with the pressure varying little. The reading at 08.00 Tuesday was 1029.8mb.

Update at 16.35: maximum of 29.4C at 16.14 being 8.3C above average.