Saturday was the coldest day in eight months

The Arctic air stream on Saturday meant a cold day with the thermometer struggling to reach 5.0C. This was the coldest day since 10th March (4.1C) and a significant 5.2C below the 39-year average. There was no wind chill as the day was very calm with the strongest air movement, couldn’t call it a gust, of just 9mph. It was another dry day, the seventh this month.

The temperature fell steadily late afternoon dropping to freezing (-0.1C) at 17.25 and reached a minimum of 3.0C at 02.55 Sunday. Thereafter, the temperature began to rise again as cloud drifted across our area due to a warm front crossing the UK, as a result the thermometer recovered to exactly 0.0C at 08.00.

Sunday barely dawned as it was dark and dull thanks to the low, thick cloud. The high pressure has receded further so that barometric pressure has dropped further to read 1018.7mb at 08.00.