Wow! Arctic air bites overnight

The air stream on Friday began coming from the northwest in the early hours but just after 11.00 veered into the north and became gusty. The Arctic air, combined with the wind gusting up to 26mph, meant a wind chill so that it felt up to 2C below that indicted on the thermometer. This colder air meant the thermometer struggled to reach 8.6C being 1.6C below the average, the second coldest day this month. During the evening the thermometer fell away under the clear skies and cold air to reach freezing (-0.1C) at 20.11 and then -1.0C at 22.20. The temperature then stabilised until just after 05.00 early Saturday and then began to fall more significantly with -2.0C at 05.15 then -3.0C at 06.05 and the minimum of -4.2C at 08.13, which was a significant 8.2C below the 39-year average. It was the coldest night since 10th February (-4.5C).

Saturday dawned bright with the sun beginning to shine strongly after it rose above the horizon when the temperature began to edge slowly upwards to reach -3.7C at 08.45. It is a calm morning with the breeze forecast to back into the northwest later in the day. The barometric pressure has intensified since Friday rising to 1024.1mb at 08.00.