Ridge of high pressure (very high) heralds dry day

Tuesday was dull and miserable for much of the day as a warm front slowly crossed the area producing light drizzle for several hours either side of midday but amounting to little in quantity, just 0.4mm. As the front edged southeastwards the sky began to lighten late afternoon. It was a cool day with the light northerly breeze gusting to just 18mph at its peak, with a maximum temperature of 9.7C being 0.5C below the average. The minimum of 3.5C at 02.37 in the early hours of Wednesday was 0.4C below the 39-year average.

Wednesday revealed a very red sky in the east as the sun was rising towards the horizon. An extensive ridge of high pressure now extends from the eastern Atlantic to Russia emanating from an anticyclone just to the west of the UK. The pressure has risen another 10mb since yesterday with a pressure reading of 1032.6mb at 08.00 making it the highest pressure since 1st March (1033.7mb) and should bring us a quiet and dry day. There were calm conditions after dawn with a light breeze backing into the west as the day progresses.