What’s new? – rain again on Thursday!

Wednesday gave us a dry day with an above average (+1.2C) maximum of 11.4C but during the evening the thermometer steadily fell downwards to reach a minimum of 3.8C (-0.1C) at 01.16 early Thursday. The thermometer then did an about turn and began to rise again reaching 5.6C at 08.00 Thursday. All this activity was due to the advancing cloud from another weather front associated with a depression that is running along the English Channel. Wednesday was only the third completely dry day this month.

The depression is running eastwards along the English Channel but further south than originally forecast yesterday. As a result the intense and prolonged rain is to the south of our region so we will get off lightly today. The first gentle spots of rain were observed at 07.55. The wind at 07.30 was coming from the east but as the day progresses and the low moves eastwards the wind will back from east through to north then eventually this evening come from the west or southwest.