Six depressions surround the UK

After a wet morning on Tuesday that produced another 7.0mm of rainfall it brightened up in the afternoon with some late afternoon sunshine. The monthly rainfall now stands at 96.0mm when the 39-year average is 90.9mm. The thermometer rose to 10.9C in the light southwesterly breeze, which was 0.7C above the average. The minimum of 6.8C was 2.9C above the average.

Only two days on November have produced a maximum below average and just three nights have been below the average. This has been due to the succession of depressions arriving from the Atlantic bringing moist, warm air.

Wednesday began bright with hazy sunshine and the barometric pressure of 1017.1mb at 08.00 the highest this month and in fact since 16th October. It won’t last, as currently there are six low pressure centres surrounding the UK with more unsettled weather for Thursday.