Glancing blow from Storm Debi

With no rainfall on Monday we did not feel the full effect of Storm Debi although it was a very breezy day with the wind often gusting over 20mph and a peak gust of 32mph. The storms that occurred were to the north with an intense one over the Swindon area early evening, I know because I drove through it, just missing Marlborough again.

After a very warm start to the day at 14.1C the temperature slowly fell a few degrees, but a very mild night followed with an overnight low of 9.5C being 5.6C above the 39-year average.

Tuesday dawned with thin but total cloud cover. There are four low pressure systems circling the UK so we can expect another unsettled day with the possibility of more showers although mild again thanks to the southwesterly breeze, that will shortly veer into the west, however, much less strong than on Monday.

Incidentally, Storm Debi occurred at the earliest point in a storm season that the letter D has been reached in the alphabet. The storm season in the UK starts on 1st September each year.