All change again!

The meteorological ‘col’ of yesterday brought the expected calm conditions with minimal air movement and modest sunshine that lifted the temperature to 10.7C, just above average. The temperature fell steadily away as the evening wore on to reach a low of 2.7C, being 1.2C below the average minimum, at 21.35. Subsequently advancing cloud from the next weather system meant that the thermometer did an about turn and rose to 3.4C at 23.00 then 4.5C by 08.00 Sunday. There was minimal rainfall overnight of 0.7mm.

Sunday revealed misty condition with low cloud and moisture in the air but not quite drizzle. This was due to another depression advancing from the Atlantic. Initially, the light breeze came from the south east but will veer into the south then southwest after midday as the depression moves towards the UK. This will mean mild unsettled weather will return with minima around average compared to the last two very cool nights that brought a touch of ground frost on Saturday.