A meteorological ‘Col’ brings calm conditions on Saturday

The rain gave way to sunshine at 10.15 on Friday after adding another 2.5mm of rainfall. However, the light breeze veered into the north late morning, which is a cooler direction, so it was not surprising to find that it was the coolest day this month. The thermometer rose to only 9.1C at 12.32, which was 1.1C below the average and the coolest day since 14th April (8.7C).

The thermometer fell steadily away during the evening to around 3C but during the early hours under a clear sky fell to 1.5C producing a temporary ground frost, its lowest at 07.14 Saturday, which was 2.4C below the average.

Saturday revealed misty conditions with radiation fog forming briefly in the River Ogg valley that had all but cleared by 08.00. The temperature had begin to rise as the sun rose reaching 2.1C by 08.00.

We are currently experiencing a metrological col. That is, the UK is between two opposing high pressure systems, north and south, and two low pressure systems, west and east. A col brings calm conditions.