Low pressure in charge again, but is still mild!

After a wet morning on Wednesday followed by light drizzle until 13.30, when the afternoon began to dry up and brighten, lifting the thermometer to 12.8C being 2.6C above the average. Initially the temperature fell away during the evening to reach a low of 4.9C at 22.05 before rising again to reach 6.4C at 08.00 Thursday. This about turn was due to another weather front, with its associated cloud and rain arriving in the early hours.

The daily rainfall total was 5.1mm that took the monthly total to 58.8mm being 65% of the 39-year average.

The UV level of 0.7 was not surprisingly the lowest since 8th March due to the low, thick cloud that persisted until after 14.00.

Thursday was initially dull thanks to the hang back of cloud from the weather front but by 08.30 a little brightness was evident. The deep low is currently centred off the northwest coast of Ireland that bring a breeze from the southwest and probably at times west-northwest.