Back to normal -rain again!

Although Tuesday was a sunny and warm day, a maximum of 12.2C was 2C abject the average, two weather fronts crossed our area after midnight. As a result, rain began to fall just before 04.00 and amounted to 3.9mm by 08.00 on Wednesday. The thick, low cord associated with these weather fronts meant a fall in temperature to 5.7C at 00.13 Wednesday, but was then reversed and rose to 10.6C at 08.00 Wednesday.

By 08.00 on Wednesday morning the heaviest of the rain had moved eastwards and was becoming lighter and later, more broken. Due to another deep depression in the eastern Atlantic, that has caused the change in our weather, the barometric pressure has been falling again with a reading of 1003.3mb at 08.00. As a consequence of the less cold second half of the night and recent sunshine the temperature of the soil at a depth of 5cm has risen from its low of 4.6C on Tuesday at 08.00 to 8.4C at that time on Wednesday.