Another deep depression arrives – but not a storm

The bright morning on Friday brought variable sunshine and lifted the thermometer to 12.6C being 2.4C above the average. There were occasional light showers of drizzle but the main rain band arrived overnight, starting just before 04.30, that produced another 8.2mm of precipitation. This further rainfall took the monthly rainfall total to 46.7mm being 51% of the monthly average although only three days into the month. The cloud night night from the weather from meant a mild night with a minimum of 4.7C, which was 0.8C above the 39-year average.

Saturday dawned gloomy under thick, low cloud from the weather front although the rainfall was beginning to ease just before 08.00. The barometric pressure has been falling again, reading of 968.6mb at 08.00, as another deep depression arrives from the Atlantic with its centre, pressure of 960mb, at that time just off the southwest coast of Wales and will proceed in a northeasterly direction across the country. Tomorrow morning will see it over the North Sea that will produce a breeze from the northwest initially then backing further into the west.