What Storm?

Marlborough got off very lightly from Storm Ciaran on Thursday compared to many other southern regions. This was due to the eye of the storm passing across our area, where conditions were much calmer. It was a cool day thanks to the many hours of rain that amounted to another 9.8mm. The maximum temperature was 9.4C, being 0.8C below the average, depressed thanks to the cloud and rain but also the wind that had backed into the northwest, a cooler direction, for much of the daylight hours. The maximum gust was just 29mph, but it was breezy for much of the afternoon although died away during the evening. The low of 6.6C was 2.7C above the average.

Variable cloud meant a bright start to Friday after a short light shower of drizzle at 07.30. The barometric pressure began to rise dramatically over the past twenty-four hours as the depression eased away into the North Sea. The pressure reading at 08.00 Friday was 982.2mb, a significant rise of 25mb since 06.05 yesterday.