What’s new? Sunshine and showers as before

There were fewer showers during daylight hours on Monday with several hours of sunshine that lifted the maximum temperature to 15.4C being 0.7C above the average. During the evening the thermometer dropped back to 6.4C, 0.9C below average, before then rising to 9.2C at 08.00 on Tuesday. Another 0.9mm of rainfall was added to the ninthly total taking it to 112.2mm, such is 124% of the 39-year average.

Tuesday dawned dull with very low cold and misty conditions that limited visibility to around 500m at its lowest. Weak sunshine began to disperse the moisture after 07.30 and by 08.00 the conditions had improved considerably before the fog and mist began to roll back in again. As the nearest depression eases eastwards the breeze will vary between southwest and southeast/

Depressions make depressing weather!

Frequent showers on Sunday amounted to 3.6mm, which took the monthly total to 111.3mm being 21mm above the 39-year average. Temperatures by day were below average thanks to the cloud cover and above average overnight with 12.1C (-2.6C) and 8.6C (+1.3C) respectively.

Monday began to brighten as the residual cloud from the latest weather front eased away eastward. We are still under the influence of depressions, one off the coast of Denmark but principally the deeper depression just off the coast of Ireland that will see the wind vary between southeast and southwest today, but again quite light in strength. The barometric pressure has been below 1,000mb for the last six days.

Unsettled weather continues

The extremes of 14.4C and 7.9C were close to the average with -0.3C and +0.6C respectively. The showers kept on coming with a modest fall in the evening, quite heavy for a short while, but once again the heaviest downpours were to the west and east of our area, but even so, 8.8mm of precipitation was recorded taking the monthly total to 107.7mm being 119% of the 39-year average.

Sunday brought broken cloud and some brightness at first but the unsettled weather continues with a major depression to the west, hence the southwest wind today, brining more showers and some sunshine.

Sunshine and the occasional shower

Friday brought sunshine after early rain with a light shower mid-afternoon amounting to 1.3mm. The highs and lows were 13.1C (-1.6C) and 8.1C (+0.8C).

The large depression off the west coast of Ireland will continue to bring unsettled weather with more sunshine and showers on Saturday, the barometric pressure continues to be low with a reading of 988.6mb at 08.00.

Autumn is here

With misty mornings and rain showers, the season of autumn is firmly established thanks to a succession of low pressure systems crossing the country. For the next few days our weather will be dominated by a large depression just off the coast of Ireland, therefore the unsettled weather will continue. The high and low of yesterday were 16.2C (+1.5C) and 6.3C (-1.0C). An additional 1.9mm of rainfall was recorded taking the monthly total to 97.6mm being 7.4mm above the 39-year average.

Fog formed in the River Og valley by 17.45 on Thursday evening thanks to the saturated atmosphere due to the rain showers and the temperature beginning to fall.

Friday revealed a misty view across the downs with full cloud cover and calm conditions. The wind will have veered into the southwest when the air begins to move.