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Warmest morning this month

With a rise of over 11C in the last twenty-four hours the temperature at 0800 was 10.3C, which is 3C above the long-term average for December. The overnight rainfall amounted to 12.2mm, which brings the total for December so far to 30.7mm, abut one third of the 30-year average.
After a foggy start yesterday with valley fog drifting around, the day brought 4.38 hours of sunshine.

First ‘wet’ day this month

Rainfall for the last twenty-four hours amounted to 2.8mm. Any daily rainfall total equal to or above 1mm is described as a ‘wet’ day. This is the first significant rainfall in December.
We have now had several days in December with significant direct sunshine totals, the highest being 6.19 hours on the 6th and 6.09 hours on the 8th.
The highest gust of wind last evening was measured at 33mph.