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August rainfall exceeds long-term average for month

The rainfall yesterday morning, combined with the downpour between 0545 and 0600 this morning (briefly at rate of 65mm/hr), brought the total for the twenty-four hour period to 12.2mm. The rainfall for the whole of August now stands at 71.7mm, which is 6mm in excess of the long-term average.
There was a notable increase in wind strength during the early hours of this morning with a peak gust of 32mph at 0345, the strongest gust since 1st June.

Has Summer turned into Autumn?

Yesterday was a miserable day with many hours of rainfall totalling 10.0mm. The thick cloud meant no sunshine, strong or indirect, producing the coldest day this month with a maximum of 14.4C, 6C below the mean. The rainfall for August now totals 59.5mm, which is 95% of the mean for August.
Today the barometer started to drop steeply just after 7.00am with rain arriving again at noon. This has depressed temperatures with a maximum of 14.8C.
Although it has seemed like a wet Summer, the total for the three months up to 0800 this morning was 10mm below the long-term average of 183mm. June was a very dry month but July was 50% above the 31-year average. However, with heavy rain now falling, this situation will change before the end of the day.

Hottest day since 1st July

The ‘Spanish Plume’ brought the forecast very warm air today with a maximum of 27.8C this afternoon, which followed the warmest night for six weeks with a minimum of 15.3C. At 0800 the thermometer was already rising and had reached 17.4C. There was a little rain during the evening before dusk, amounting to 0.2mm.