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Wettest day of month on thursday with heavy showers yesterday

With a total of 7.3mm, thursday was the wettest day of the month and combining this with rainfall yesterday, amounting to 3.2mm, the total for July is now 23.7mm, which is just 38% of the July mean. The strong sunshine yesterday boosted the temperature to a maximum of 22.3C but the thermometer has been dropping overnight to a low of 14.0C this morning as the wind veered into the northwest after 4am.

100 hours of strong sunshine this month

A warmer day yesterday than expected with a maximum of 24.6C, the highest for four days boosted by 2.43 hours of strong sunshine. The total hours of strong sunshine this month has now passed 100 hours, a little below that recorded for 2015. A cool night followed with a minimum of 9.9C but strong sunshine shortly after dawn lifted the temperature to 14.9C at 08.00 with a lower humidity of 85% than recorded for several days.
The Monthly Summary page is now operative, pictures to follow.

Change of weather pattern is evident

With the onset of the westerly winds from the Atlantic, yesterday gave a maximum of 21.6C, the coolest day since 15th July. Early evening there was a light shower amounting to 0.4mm bringing the total for July to 12mm, which is just 20% of the July mean. It was also the coolest night since 15th July with a minimum of 10.2C. This morning dawned with intermittent, weak sunshine but by 08.00 the cloud cover was almost complete.