40 mph northeasterly wind brings significant wind chill

Yesterday brought a cloudy start to the day, which brightened up in the afternoon with a little strong sunshine (0.4 hours). The significant feature of yesterday’s weather was that the wind had swung into the north east, thanks to a high pressure system to the north of us that produced continuously strong winds with a peak of 40 mph at 16.16. Through-ought the period there were sustained winds of 16 mph averaged over a ten minute interval. This gave a windchill factor that reduced the ambient temperature by several degrees such as at the warmest point in the afternoon, with a maximum thermometer reading of 11.1C, it felt like 7C. it was the first dry day in a week.
This morning dawned with thick cloud cover and the north east wind having abated just a little. Unlike the previous night the cloud cover kept the temperature above freezing with a minimum of 5.8C

Night of two halves!

After a wet morning yesterday producing 3.7mm, the sky brightened a little during the afternoon with occasional bursts of weak sunshine, which pushed the thermometer to 10.0C at 15.32, about average for March. During the evening the clear skies meant that the thermometer tumbled giving an air frost with a minimum of -0.6C, the coldest night since 11th February, but only until midnight.
There followed a lull in the wind for a couple of hours before the effects of the depression over the near continent began to affect our area. The thermometer started to climb just after 1am giving a temperature of 5.6C at 08.00 with the wind backing into the north-east around 3am.

Sunniest for a fortnight

The 6.33 hours of strong sunshine yesterday was the highest total since 2nd March but did little to raise the temperature, which at a maximum of 9.9C was below the average. Cloud built up overnight, due to another weather front, bringing light showers yesterday evening but more substantial rainfall beginning just before 5am and ceasing around midday. The cloud cover meant that the night was not as cold as the previous one with a minimum of 4.8C.

Gardeners beware! Ground frost with more possible.

The maximum yesterday, in the 0.32 hours of strong sunshine, pushed the thermometer to 11.4C, cooler than the previous day but still above the mean for March. Overnight, the clearing skies meant that the temperature dropped progressively to a minimum of 1.2C at 06.24 before rising to 4.8C at 08.00. This low ambient temperature meant a brief ground frost.It was the coldest night since 6th March.
This morning broke with glorious sunshine and a much drier air with humidity of 87%, the lowest since the beginning of the month.

Warmest night for three months

The very mild and cloudy weather continues. Yesterday was plagued by bands of drizzle sweeping across the region from time to time and a heavy band of showers between 1.30 and 3.00am this morning amounting to 2.6mm. All this cloud, brought in by south-westerly winds, produced a maximum of 12.8C yesterday, which was 2.5C above the mean for March. But the greater difference was in the minimum of 10.1C, logged at 03.02, being greater than 8C above the average.
This morning is grey with complete cloud cover and a reading of 10.4C at 08.00