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Warm but very humid day yesterday

Yesterday was notable for the very humid air with the humidity level not dropping below 83% when in previous days it regularly dropped to 50% or below. There was very little wind with the maximum get just 8mph adding to the unpleasant atmosphere. A couple of showers overnight, along with a brief shower yesterday produced 1.6mm of precipitation.
Due to the persistent cloud the maximum yesterday was 23.1C, still well above average with the thermometer dropping to 13.6C around 6am this morning, again above average. Strong sunshine after dawn this morning, with minimal cloud, pushed the reading to 15.9C at 08.00

Hot again and useful rain early this morning

The thermometer peaked at 27.3C yesterday, slightly down on the day before but the subsequent night was very mild with the thermometer dropping no lower than 16.9C, which is 5C above the mean. There were showers between 02.00 and 03.30 amounting to 3.4mm, which brings the total for August to 42.5mm or 64% of the mean. After 12.3 hours of strong sunshine on tuesday, yesterday gave another high reading of 8.7 hours but encroaching cloud late afternoon limited the total.

Hottest day for a month

The very warm air from the continent pushed the thermometer to a maximum of 27.9C just after 3pm, the hottest day for a month and 7C above the mean for August.
The equivalent rainfall for the moisture lost from evaporation from ground sources and plant life for August is 64mm, which is 24mm in excess of the rainfall, now 39mm.
Overnight the minimum was 14.1C but sunshine just after dawn raised this to 18.2C at 08.00.

Temperatures rise again and fog forms overnight

Although there was very brief (0.25 hours) strong sunshine yesterday the warmer air beginning to move in from the continent pushed the thermometer to a maximum of 22.2C. The clearer skies overnight gave us a minimum of 13.3C just before 02.30 that was followed by fog forming, which at dawn gave visibility down to 300m. The fog began to lift just after 07.00 with the sun breaking-g through half an later that raised the temperature to 15.4C at the time readimgs are taken at 08.00

Warmest night for a month

The thermometer did not drop below 15.7C last night, the warmest night since 20th July and 6C above the mean for August. The additional rainfall yesterday was 2.7mm and brings the total for August to 39.1mm, still only 59% of the long-term average. The UV level peaked in the ‘High’ category again as we enjoyed a brief 1.48 hours of strong sunshine.