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Autumn arrives prematurely!

With a succession of cool days, 15 below the 30-year August average and exceptionally low minima, it feels as if autumn has arrived. Just before dawn today the thermometer fell to 2.6C, which would for a short time have produced a ground frost.
The total rainfall to date is 77.3mm, which is 120 % of the 30-year average. However, with the forecast of much rain tomorrow, this total will rise considerably.

Coolest night for six weeks

With the wind coming from the north-west and clearing skies at night it is to be expected that we experience cooler nights as well as depressed maxima. Just before dawn on the 16th the thermometer dropped to 7.8C, the coldest for six weeks.
UV values are also falling as the sun’s strength weakens. The index has dropped from ‘Very High’ to ‘High’.