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Anticyclone brings warmth and sunshine again

With pressure again high the sun shone strongly for 9.15 hours yesterday with a maximum of 22.8C, which is 2C above the mean. It has been a warmer than average month with well above average strong sunshine (149 hours to date) and solar energy, more details when the month is complete. With a clear sky overnight the thermometer dropped to 9.1C, a chilly 2C below the mean for August. This morning the sun shone strongly from dawn quickly dispersing the valley mist that had formed.

First above average monthly rainfall for five months

With another 3.5mm of rainfall yesterday the total for August is now 77.8mm with the mean over 32 years standing at 66.2mm. The frequent light showers meant little strong sunshine (0.36 hours) and the first day for a week when the maximum was below the mean for August. This morning the wind has veered into the north west with the sky overcast but the sun trying to break through just after 8am.

Three successive thunderstorms produced wettest day for five months

Just after 13.30 yesterday the first rumble of thunder was heard as a series of thunderstorms, with continuous thunder, crossed the area. Torrential rain, with small hail in the first storm, produced 30.2mm of precipitation, the wettest day since 27th March. At its peak the rain was falling at a rate of 290mm/hour. Not surprisingly, with minimal brightness in the morning (0.26 hours), that the maximum was 20.9C, average for late August. The last roll of thunder was heard at 16.02 with intermittent, brief sunshine appearing after 17.00. A mild night followed with the minimum at 14.7C, 3C above the mean for late August.

Second sunniest day in August

With 13.6 hours of strong sunshine and blue skies for most of the day, yesterday was a real summer’s day. The thermometer rose to 23.4C but dropped very quickly in the evening to a minimum of 8.3C but cloud moving in around 3pm arrested the drop and as a result the temperature rose to 13.4C at 08.00

Warm but very humid day yesterday

Yesterday was notable for the very humid air with the humidity level not dropping below 83% when in previous days it regularly dropped to 50% or below. There was very little wind with the maximum get just 8mph adding to the unpleasant atmosphere. A couple of showers overnight, along with a brief shower yesterday produced 1.6mm of precipitation.
Due to the persistent cloud the maximum yesterday was 23.1C, still well above average with the thermometer dropping to 13.6C around 6am this morning, again above average. Strong sunshine after dawn this morning, with minimal cloud, pushed the reading to 15.9C at 08.00