Highest barometric pressure for seven months

The cloud did lift yesterday with just a glimpse of brightness but another dry day, the nineteenth this month. The rainfall for October to date is 31.3mm but the equivalent moisture that has evaporated from ground sources and plant life is 29.0mm, so virtually no rainfall has started to percolate into the aquifers
The intense anticyclone has settled close to the UK giving a maximum reading of 1031.6mb this morning, the highest pressure since 14th March, and as a result of the very light breeze fog has formed overnight with minimum visibility at dawn down to 200m.

Warmest day for a week and wind changes direction

The low cloud we have endured for the past few days did break yesterday giving just 0.36 hours of strong sunshine but more noticeable was the return to average temperatures with a maximum 14.6C, the warmest day for a week. The barometer has been rising for two days as the high pressure exerts its influence with the calmest day all month giving a maximum gust of just 9mph.The last time we had such a calm day was July 18th.
In the early hours of this morning the light breeze changed direction from a persistent northeasterly to a southwesterly. Consequently the thermometer did not drop below 10.1C overnight.

Coldest day since mid May

Yesterday turned out to be a miserable day with low cloud and light rain on and off all day totalling 5.3mm. It is turning out to be a very dry October with a total of 31.3mm so far when the mean for the last 33 years is 88.1mm. The maximum temperature was only 10.9C, which was 4C below the mean for October. The persistent low cloud meant that there was no sunshine for only the second day this month. Not surprisingly the UV level was extremely low, the lowest since March 9th this year.
This morning the low cloud and mist is still evident although this has meant a slightly warmer night with the thermometer not dropping below 7.8C, just above average.

First rain for a week

Yesterday brought 2.56 hours of strong sunshine, although the UV level at 1.8 is in the low category. The maximum yesterday was 12.3C, again below average.The northeasterly breeze freshened to give a maximum gust of 28mph in the afternoon. The thermometer started to fall after 3.00pm and continued overnight, but not as cold as previous nights, with a minimum of 6.7C, the warmest night for a week.
This morning a weather front started to cross our area and light rain began to fall just after 6.00am.

Friday was the coldest day this month

Yesterday produced a maximum of 11.6C, the coldest day in October. The barometer has been slowly dropping for forty-eight hours with a low of 1011.9mb at 08.00 with the wind again veering now into a cool northeasterly direction. The minimum overnight, just after 2.00am was 5.7C as cloud drifted in on the light breeze from the east. There was limited sunshine of 0.69 hours with another dry day.
The breeze has been increasing since just after 2.00am today with a high of 23mph at 13.10, the strongest gust since the beginning of the month.