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More rain, more gales

Yesterday was almost a repeat of the weather we experienced on saturday. There many hours of strong winds which peaked at 45mph (saturday peak was 46mph) just before 4.30pm and the almost continuous rainfall amounted to 7.8mm bringing the monthly total to 43.4mm (average is 65.3mm). The maximum temperature was 8.2C, just above the average for February but dipped overnight to a minimum of 2.7C at dawn.

Torrential rain and gales

Yesterday was an appalling day with rain for over 20 hours and persistent strong winds. The daily rainfall total was 22.7mm, the wettest day since 24th July 2015 and with peak gusts of wind to 46mph late afternoon, the strongest for over a month. Overnight the cloud cover thinned allowing the thermometer to drop to 3.2C just before 06.00.