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Yesterday brought highest solar energy since the end of July

Saturday 18th produced 11.8 hours of strong sunshine and the highest daily total for solar energy since the end of July.
The strong easterly winds persist and with a low of 3.3C overnight produced an equivalent temperature, due to wind chill, of 0.4C.
April 2015 so far is proving similar to the first half of April 2011 with minimal rainfall during the first three days and many totally dry days that produced 5.4mm for the whole month. Currently for April 2015 the rainfall total is 6.6mm and fourteen dry days.

Warmest April day since 2011

Yesterday the thermometer peaked at 22.8C. This was the warmest day since April 23rd in 2011 when the record was set at 26.2C. There was continuous sunshine amounting to 12.77 hours, the highest recorded since the new instrument was installed exactly one year ago.
At 0800 today the soil temperature at a depth of 5cm reached its highest this year at 10.7C.