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Southerly winds bring mild air and no air frost so far this month

The average rainfall for October fell in the first half of the month and recently very little has fallen to add to this total, now 89.6mm. The southerly winds have been bringing mild air with overnight minima in double figures and no air frost this month so far.
My records since 1984 show that there have been seven instances when no air frost has been recorded in October and these have all occurred since the year 2000.

Worst of ex-hurricane Gonzalo bypasses Marlborough

The worst of ex-hurricane Gonzalo passed Marlborough by.

There was no precipitation during daylight hours today with just 2.1mm over the past twenty-four hours.

A maximum wind gust of 38mph occurred at 1346. There were frequent gusts for several hours in excess of 30mph.

Just before 1400 the temperature began to fall from a maximum of 12.8C to 11C as the wind continued to veer from a southwesterly direction to a cooler northwesterly.

The wind strength over this period gave a wind chill of 9C.

Barometric pressure started to rise rapidly from a low of 1001mb just before 0700 as the centre of the depression began to move away. At 1800 the reading was 1015mb.

With no showery activity there was a total of 4.83 hours of direct sunshine, the highest total for 11 days.