Mild air floods in accompanied by strong winds thanks to ‘Georgina”

In the past twenty-four hours we have experienced:-

Warmest day since 22nd November with a maximum of 12.9C being 6C above the 34-year January average and up 3.7C on Monday’s maximum.
Warmest night since 22nd November with a minimum of 9.6C just before midnight, being 8.1C above the average and up 3C on Monday’s maximum.
Warmest morning at 08.00 since 22nd November with a temperature of 12.0C
Warmest soil at 08.00 and at a depth of 5cm since 22nd November with a temperature of 9.9C

The temperature fell away until just before midnight before the next weather front arrived. There was a short shower mid-afternoon yesterday and more just after 7am today with a total of 1.4mm.

The wind strength increased significantly after 02.00 today with the strongest gust of 42mph at 02.33. The average strength built up after that time with the current 10 minute average of 10mph.

Warmest morning this month

The warmer, moist air mass that arrived yesterday meant that the maximum over the past twenty-four hours occurred this morning with a temperature of 9.6C at 08.00 and the minimum of 6.6C set early this morning at 01.19.

Brief sunshine on Monday totalled 1.19 hours and the UV level at 0.8 the highest for a month and equal to that set on the 16th.

Rain earlier this morning, from a narrow band of cloud, came to 2.5mm, bringing the total for January to 58.7mm, still 31mm short of the 34-year January average. The wind within this rain band became gusty with a maximum of 21 mph.

Transition complete bringing wettest day for a month

Sunday began with rain starting just after 6am and continuing for 12 hours producing 17.3mm, the wettest day for almost a month bringing the January total to 56.2mm, still 36mm below the 34-year January average. The heaviest rain fell in bursts between 15.15 and 15.45 at an equivalent rate of 14mm per hour. The previous higher total was 21.2mm on 26th December.

The other notable feature was the temperature, which read 1.2C at 08.00 on Sunday and remained a little above freezing until early afternoon. Just before 15.00 there was a steady, significant rise to 10.3C at 19.25, some 3.5C above the January average maximum as the wind veered from the southeast into the southwest bringing a milder air mass.

Although for much of the day the wind was light, during the evening there were stronger gusts with a peak of 23mph recorded at 21.08.

As the thick cloud thinned a little in the early hours of today, the thermometer fell back to 7.0C at 08.00. It is currently dry and a little brighter as the very wide rain band from yesterday sinks away to the southeast.

Last touch of winter before all change again

Update at 18.00:
Temperature rises dramatically just after 15.00 to reach 10C (that is 3C above average)at 18.00 from 5C.

With no sun and no UV due to persistent low, thick cloud, Saturday was another cool, depressing winter’s day. There was persistent drizzle for most of the day with the thermometer reaching a maximum of 6.5C a 14.30, before falling away to 2.0C early evening.

There was little wind on Saturday, maximum gust of just 12 mph, with the wind initially from the west before backing into the south and occasionally from the east as the low pressure system moved away.

Light, wet snow began to fall this morning just before 07.15 and by 08.00 was much heavier before turning to rain by 08.30. Total precipitation in the last twenty-four hours amounted to 2.8mm, bringing the January total to 38.9mm, being 42% of the 34-year January average.

The temperature at 08.00 was 1.1C but likely to rise during the afternoon as a warmer air mass arrives from the west.

Sunniest day for three weeks on Friday but all change by Sunday

Friday produced a glorious day with over 6 hours of sunshine, the sunniest day since 28th December.

It was dry day with a maximum of 6.0C, down 2.2C on Thursday and just below average.

The rain arrived in the early hours of Saturday producing 0.9mm by 08.00 today.

The lowest temperature during the last twenty-four hours was -0.2C set just after readings were taken yesterday but by 08.00 today. The cloud from the associated rain front arriving overnight halted the loss of warmth through radiation allowing the thermometer to rise to 3.4C.

This morning is grey and dark with low cloud settling over the Marlborough Downs giving misty conditions and light rain.