Sun and lots of it yesterday!

What a difference a day makes! After so many days with heavy showers it was great to enjoy 8.76 hours of strong sunshine on Tuesday. This was the third highest sunshine total for this month.

As a consequence of the strong sunshine the thermometer rose to a maximum of 24.9C just after 4pm, but the reduction in cloud and consequent continuos sunshine into the late afternoon meant that the peak of 25.8C was reached later than usual at 17.44.

The thermometer fell away to a minimum of 13.1C at 03.02 this morning making it a very warm night. At this time the cloud from the approaching weather front meant the temperature started to rise so that at 08.00 the reading was 15.7C.

The precipitation from this weather front was initially marked by low cloud and drizzle with steady rain beginning to fall just after 7am.

Jet Stream to blame for non-summer weather

After six consecutive days with rainfall yesterday was a dry day. After a cloudy morning there were 4.6 hours of strong sunshine as the afternoon progressed that made it the warmest day since 18th July with a maximum of 21.1C, still below average (1C) for July.

We enjoyed a glorious evening with much strong sunshine but the clear skies overnight meant another very cool night. The thermometer fell to a low of 8.9C just after 5am, being 3C below the July average.

There was limited sunshine after dawn but by 7am the cloud rolled in obscuring the sun. However, the temperature had recovered to 13.1C at 08.00.

The changeable weather of recent days has been caused by the Jet Stream being rather too far south thus directing depressions and their associated winds and rain over the UK.

Simply sunshine and showers

Sunday was similar to Saturday and Friday with intermittent heavy showers and sunny intervals between.

It is not surprising that with restricted sunshine, 3.8 hours, that again the temperature was depressed with a maximum of only 17.3C, which was 5C below the average.

The frequent showers produced a total of 4.5mm of rainfall bringing the July total to 68.6mm, which is 115% of the long-term average.

After a brief clearance late last evening the cloud rolled in again overnight so a warmer night than the previous one giving a minimum of 13.6C, which was 2C above the 33-year average.

This morning is dominated by thick cloud and a light breeze that just after 4am, as the barometric pressure began to rise, veered from the southwest into the northwest.

Coolest day and night of the month

Saturday started with sunshine but scattered showers soon bubbled up, increasing in frequency during the afternoon that gave an additional 6.8mm of daily rainfall. This precipitation raised the July total to 64.1mm, now above the long-term average by 4.3mm.

Due to the occurrence of showers the maximum was only 18.6C from the 1.6 hours of limited strong, morning sunshine, which was 4C below the 33-year average and occurred at 12.17. After that time the thermometer fell to around 13C for the rest of the afternoon. It was the coolest day since 29th June and 1.2C down on the previous day.

The cloud moved away to the east during the late evening and the clearing skies meant that the temperature began to fall significantly to a minimum of 8.8C at 04.18. This was 3C below the 33-year average, the coolest night since 14th June and 1.5C down on the previous night.

This morning started with intermittent strong sunshine, replicating the start to the day yesterday. But by the time readings were taken at 08.00 the sunshine was more limited with the thermometer recovering to 13.4C.

Friday was a day of two halves with much rain

Friday morning started as a pleasant summer’s day with bright but not strong sunshine that raised the temperature to 18.6C at 14.32, which was almost 6C below the July average. At this time the effects of the rain band associated with the low pressure system arrived with drizzle and light rain just after 3pm then intensified as the afternoon and evening progressed.

Over seven hours of rainfall, very heavy around 8pm, produced a daily total of 23.5mm, second wettest day this month, that brings the total for July to 57.3mm that is just 6mm short of the long-term average for July.

It was the coolest night since 5th July with a minimum of 10.1C at 04.32, which is 1.5C below the long-term average.

This morning has seen intermittent strong sunshine early on that after 08.00 was very limited due to increasing cloud.