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Very warm day followed by warm night

The 12.3 hours of global sunshine yesterday (3.44 hours of direct sunshine at 100w/sq.m.) boosted the temperature to a maximum of 20.2C, which is 4C above the average for May. Cloud cover overnight meant that there was not the cooling as in previous nights so a warm night followed with a minimum of 10.8C. At 08.00 the sun is breaking through the cloud so that the thermometer has risen to 12.3C.

Warmth and sunshine again

After a very cool day on wednesday, yesterday brought 6.5 hours of strong sunshine, which boosted the temperature during the morning and afternoon to a maximum of 19.2C that is 3C above the May average in contrast to the 4C below on the previous day. Overnight the cloud rolled on with a light shower of 0.1mm in the daly morning.
Heavy cloud at dawn started to break up a couple of hours later so that at 08.00 the cloud was thinning and the sun beginning to break through with a temperature of 12.1C after a minimum of 8.3C.

Cold day and very cold night

The weather front yesterday brought thick cloud resulting in no sunshine and a maximum of 12.3C, some 4C below the average, the coldest day since the end of April. Overnight the thermometer dropped very quickly between 2am and 4am so that a minimum of 4.2C was recorded just after 4.30am. By 08.00 the thick cloud was beginning to thin as the weather front continued to move slowly northwards and the sun began to break through, the temperature had by then recovered to 9.2C
Yesterday, with the drying north-easterly breeze, another 5.6mm of moisture had evaporated from ground sources and plant life. This brings the total lost from evaporation this month to almost 77mm with rainfall at 53mm.

Brrrrr! Very cool morning

Yesterday was a glorious day with 9.94 hours of strong sunshine (100watts/sq.m.) and the highest number of global sunshine hours (13.3) since mid July 2015. The UV level was almost into the Very High category again.
This morning the cloud has travelled westwards from the North Sea to obscure the sunshine. The overnight minimum was 5.8C but at 08.00 the thermometer had only recovered to 8.1C that felt like 7C when considering the wind chill from the moderate north-easterly breeze.

Very cool night after much sunshine

Yesterday brought 6.82 hours of strong sunshine that with light winds gave a maximum of 16.7C, average for May. The thermometer dropped steadily overnight, under a clear sky, until reaching a low of 5.0C at 03.53. Dawn arrived with sun from the start that at 0800 had produced almost 2.0 hours of strong sunshine and a temperature of 11.8C with hardly a breath of air.