Dry by day – wet by night

Sunday brought us a very sunny morning with 3.6 hours of strong sunshine, which raised the maximum temperature to 22.7C (+6C) just after 2pm. As we passed midday thin cloud began encroaching from the south slowly reducing the strength of the sun until the first light spots of rain became apparent just before 3.30pm, but came to nothing as the storm broke up and dissipated as it moved in from the coast.

The preceding night was warm and dry so this bee decided to stay out overnight and at 08.00 was still attached, upside down, to the allium flower and was waiting for warmth from the sun’s rays to raise it’s temperature before it flew off shortly after this image was taken.

The yellow warning of heavy rain from the Meteorological Office, however, did materialise as just after 00.30 this morning there was heavy rain for a couple of hours, amounting to 6.8mm. This brings the total for May to exactly 80mm, being 20mm above the 33-year average for Marlborough.

It was a mild night due to the thick cloud so that the thermometer did not drop below 13.4C at 05.33. With no sun this morning the thermometer read 13.9C at 08.00.

Temperatures down but UV up

Yesterday was a much more normal day with a peak temperature of 21.0C (average is 16.62C) at 15.42. Strong sunshine was limited to 1.19 hours but at those times the UV level rose to the ‘Very High’ level.

Overnight the thermometer slowly dropped to a minimum of 10.4C (almost 4C above average) just before 5.30am but quickly recovered to 15.6C at the time readings were taken at 08.00.

A dry day after the thunderstorms of the previous night, with the rainfall total standing at 73.2mm when the average for May is 60.5C.

This morning has arrived with strong sunshine as soon as the sun showed itself above the horizon.

Sun and heat then …. breakdown!

With wall to wall sunshine yesterday it is not surprising to find that the maximum temperature eased upwards a little, from the previous day, to 26.3C at 16.29, which is 10C above the average for May. I recorded 15.84 hours of strong sunshine, the greatest number of hours since this equipment was installed in April 2014.

It is interesting to note that although we had continuous sunshine the peak solar radiation was the lowest for 8 days due to air pollution.

The temperature slowly ebbed away overnight to a minimum of 14.9C at 03.07, making it the warmest night this month and the warmest night since 10th September 2016.

All changed after this time as cloud from approaching thunderstorms stopped the temperature decline with thunder heard at 04.25 and very heavy rain starting at 04.40 amounting to 5.9mm. At this time there was an eery orange / yellow light as the thunder clouds started to obscure the sky just as the strong light from the sun began to emerge. The thunder continued until around 05.30.

At the time readings are taken, that is 08.00, the thick cloud was breaking and the sun beginning to break through.

Summer in springtime!

We have to look back in the records to find that the maximum temperature yesterday, of 26.2C, was the warmest day since August 24th 2016. It was almost 10C above the May average, reached just after 3pm. All this fine weather due to a plume of continental air.

The strong sunshine amounted to 9.62 hours, the second highest total this month, which pushed the UV level into the ‘Very High’ category again.

The dry, warm spell has meant that the rate of evaporation from ground sources and plant life now exceeds 4mm/day with the total for May of 68.1mm exceeding the above average rainfall total of 67.3mm.

Overnight the thermometer fell slowly to a minimum of 11.8C at 05.25 but picked up quickly to reach 16.8C at 08.00, when readings are taken.

This morning the sun was strong as soon as it rose above the horizon with the promise of another fine day. However, the barometric pressure is falling so this will probably be the last of the days with high sunshine and UV readings.

Warmest morning since 6th September

With 7.78 hours of strong sunshine and the UV level into the ‘Very High’ category, yesterday was a glorious day, The continental air lifted the temperature to a maximum of 24.9C at 15.51, making it not only the warmest day this month but the warmest day since 15th September 2016.

Overnight the temperature dropped steadily away to a minimum of 9.4C at 05.31, a little lower than previous nights. This lower temperature caused fog to form with visibility down to 1,100m, which quickly dispersed as the sun grew stronger after dawn so that by 07.00, only misty conditions prevailed.

By 08.00 the strong sunshine had quickly boosted the temperature to 18.1C, which is 1.5C above the May maximum, making it the warmest morning since 6th September.

The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm has been warming significantly so that at 08.00 this morning was reading 17.2C.