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Storms to north, south, east and west but not here!

Sunshine yesterday was interrupted frequently by light showers. Thunder was heard in the distance to the east at 14.55 and just before 16.00 a very heavy shower arrived, with briefly, a rate of rainfall at 41mm/hour. The rainfall yesterday amounted to 4.7mm, which brings the total for June to 39.0mm or 71% of the mean. The UV level was again in the very high category with 1.50 hours of strong sunshine.

Sunniest day for almost a fortnight

Yesterday was a dry day, the first for almost a week, with UV levels at very high. It also brought 3.28 hours of strong sunshine, the sunniest for almost a fortnight. It was a cool night when the thermometer dropped to a minimum of 8.7C. The morning broke with sunshine but very quickly thick cloud moved in from the west to obscure the sun.

No storms, just light shower

An overcast day yesterday with a light shower early evening amounting to 0.2mm. It was a cloudy day with light winds, maximum of just 11mph, and a maximum temperature just above above average with 20.2C. This was followed by a cooler night due to a clearing sky, with a minimum of 10.3C.

Humid, warm weather continues

The warm and very humid weather did not bring any storms during the past twenty-four hours but a rainy morning that lifted during the afternoon to give a maximum of 20.2C. Rainfall total was 2.5mm bringing the June total to 34.1mm, which is 62% of the June mean. A very mild night with a minimum of 15.2C, which is almost 6C above the long-term mean minimum.