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Highest UV and solar energy for over two months

The UV value has started to increase over the last few days after the very low or non-existent values during the last two months. Today the value was 0.9 (range 0 – 10+) the highest since November 20th and the solar energy was the highest since November 9th 2014. It is not surprising, therefore, that there were 6.5 hours of direct sunshine, close to the 6.6 last monday, which has produced maximum temperatures close to the average for January after a week of very cold days.

Even colder day and wet snow

The peak air temperature during daylight hours yesterday was 2.6C. A slight rise during the early evening brought this up to 3.8C.
Late evening the temperature dropped a degree and wet snow briefly fell around 2215 hours, which quickly melted as the precipitation turned to rain giving a daily total of 5.7mm.

Coldest day since January 30th 2014

On monday 19th the thermometer eventually managed to reach 3.3C but as sunset approached it dropped steadily until around 11.00pm when the lowest temperature was registered at -4.9C. Thereafter a slight rise to -3C was maintained until dawn when it dropped a degree.
The almost continuous direct sunshine totalled 6.62 hours, which surprisingly, was the highest daily total since the end of September 2014.
The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm has fallen for three days and is now just above freezing at +0.2C.

Yesterday was the coldest day for a year

Yesterday the thermometer struggled to briefly reach a maximum of 3.7C, which was the coldest day since January 30th 2014, when the average temperature for January is 6.3C.
The 4.8 hours of direct sunshine also produced the greatest quantity of solar energy since 18th November.
In addition the 18th was only the second completely dry day this month.